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When it comes to choosing a home design for your block of land, there are generally 2 options.  Either choose a design from the builder’s standard range of homes or have an architect custom design a house for you.

There are pros and cons to consider with both approaches:

If you choose from a project builder’s standard range of designs, you will generally be restricted to a choice of unimaginative layouts and a style which looks like every other house in the street.  Often the typical brick and tile project homes we see in every suburb in Australia.  The benefit is you get to see what you are buying up front and there are usually no surprises. The plans come with a fixed build price, but any changes to suit your individual needs cost a lot more.  There are of course exceptions to this, there are some quality project home designs but few and far between.

If you commission an architect to design you a home, you will probably pay high fees, go through a lengthy process and have no idea what your end product is likely to be.  This can be exciting but can also be risky and expensive – both in the fees and the unknown build costs. The end results can be stunning and add real monetary value to your biggest investment, but there are factors which put most people off going down this road for their new home.

What if there was a compromise between the 2 options, where you can have an architect designed home at a fraction of the cost, where you can see what the end product could look like, where you can take the base design and have it customised to suit your own tastes and needs.

Many happy customers have used the designs from www.elementsofdesign.com.au as a basis for their new homes.  The process is quicker, much lower cost than a full custom architectural service, suited to virtually any areas in Australia and easily adaptable.

Browse the designs using the link below, check out some built examples, read the testimonials from satisfied customers, look at the frequently asked questions and answers, read the interesting articles.  Above all, take the time to consider how an Elements Home Design can fit your block of land, family needs and personal tastes.  Don’t be afraid to contact us via email or telephone via the links below.

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