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Cathy's House - Red Head NSW Mid North Coast

The following message from the client says it all:


"Hi Joe, I have been meaning to send you an email for ages!

I wanted to let you know that as time passes, I get so much joy out of living in this house.

As an avid watcher of Grand Designs for years and years, I have heard repeatedly that great design keeps on giving, and here in this beautiful house, and its beautiful setting, every single day is a joy.  Like every build, from an owner’s perspective, by the time the house is finished you are literally physically drained by all the hundreds of decisions, selections, adaptations, etc., it takes to pull a build off.

As an absolute control freak, I relished the opportunity to build a home that was exactly as I had always wanted, but was completely exhausted by it.

I can honestly say that if the house drained me to start with, it has more than replenished my soul living in it!

So thank you for such a lovely home, and for one I get so much more from each day. Not a single person comes into this house and doesn’t love it.

I now happily say “Goodnight little house” - it’s mine, it’s beautiful, and I love it."

Cathy – Red Head NSW

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