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I take pride in maintaining a good working and ongoing relationship with all of my clients.  I sincerely hope that you can become one of my satisfied customers down the track.  Here are a few testimonials from a selection of previous clients:

Custom Home Design at Majors Creek NSW

“Due to proposed changes in council legislation, my husband and I found ourselves with limited time to lodge our house plans. Through friends and the local grapevine we discovered Joe from Elements of Design. Joe was a pleasure to work with. He was very approachable and his planning was flexible. He often gave us options which helped us make the best decision for our needs. Joe met all of our criteria and specifications and the plans were completed within the strict time frame we were working in as well as within the price he quoted. There were no hidden costs.

When lodging the plans with council, planning staff commented on the high quality and standard of not only our plans, but others done by Elements of Design. From our own rough drawings and wish list, Joe from Elements of Design created our dream retirement home.

I would not hesitate to recommend Joe and Elements of Design to anyone in need of their services.”

Louisa Ison – Majors Creek NSW

Keppel 3 Bed home design at Major’s Creek NSW

“I discovered Elements of Design through two neighbours who had both worked with Joe to get their house plans prepared for council. Both strongly recommended his work and I was not disappointed!  All of my communication with Joe was via email, and plans were ready for council within two weeks! There was no surprise with the fee which was quite reasonable and the plans sailed through council with staff even commenting on the excellent quality of the work! I would happily recommend Elements of Design to others wanting a fast, reasonably priced and high quality service.”

Sarah Waters, Majors Creek NSW.

Snapper 3 Bed home design at Araluen NSW

“We recently bought plans from Joe at Elements Home Design and can strongly recommend him as a reputable architect.

We found Elements accommodating, flexible, helpful, friendly & very professional. They were honourable with their pricing, which is nearly unheard of in today’s world. All work was carried out in a surprisingly short time and Joe was a pleasure to deal with at all times.

The whole experience was one we would do again”.

Beverley & Barry Hutchings – Canberra

(design based on the Snapper 3 bed home, modified to suit windows already owned, different roof style and add a 2 car garage.  Preparation of site plan, Basix Assessment and changes to design took an additional 5 hrs for this job).

Treetops home design at Taree NSW

“When we began designing our new home I had a good idea of what we wanted and planned to do the design myself. While searching the net for inspiration my sister found one of Joe’s plans and enquired about altering this to suit our needs. The end result was that Joe has changed my views about the value of employing an architect.

We found Joe an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very approachable and always willing to incorporate our good ideas while gently steering us away from our bad ones.

I would not hesitate to use his services again.”

Lindsay McKilligan – Taree NSW

Lindsay used the Treetops 2 bedroom as the basis for a duplex design, combining it with a layout he had already come up with for extended family.

Treetops Loft Cabin at Sawtell NSW

“When my wife and I decided to build a family home, with separate studio, we did not hesitate to call on Joe Wiegerinck, who had already designed an interesting house for my sister and her husband.  We were not disappointed, as Joe has designed for us a home which has made the most of our views, the slope of the land, our desire for a motorhome garage, our environmental considerations … in short, all our demands have been met, and in an architecturally pleasing and innovative way!  We found him practical, with sensible ideas which helped control our expenses, and on top of all that, extremely pleasant to work with, and very interested over the duration of the project.  We highly recommend Joe and Elements of Design, and will not hesitate to utilise his skills again”.

Ton Huybregts, Sawtell

(studio design based on the Treetops Loft Cabin, main house custom designed to suit clients requirements, style of cabin adapted to suit main house).

Derwent Pavilion at Armidale NSW

Derwent 3 bedroom pavilion home design, Armidale

“I was so excited I found my dream house from Elements of Design when googling house images. I’d looked at so many plans and wanted something more than a project home. I found the Derwent design and it was exactly what I was looking for.

Being able to view the house from all angles and in 3D really gave me a good idea of how the house will look when it is completed.

Having a busy job, all of my communication was via email and I always received a quick response. Tweaks to the design to suit my block of land and requirements were welcomed and carried out quickly, at a much lower cost than I had expected.

Planning my first home build was initially daunting, but Joe gave me some great advice that helped me through the planning process.

My house passed through Council as a complying development within 3 days and is underway at the time of writing.

I would recommend Elements of Design to anyone wanting to build a well-designed home or renovation.

I look forward to providing details and photos of the progress of the house in the months to come.”

Sonya Buck, Armidale NSW


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