Are you after something a bit different to the standard brick & tile project home but don’t want to select and pay for the services of an architect?

What is Elements Home Design Portfolio?
This website contains a variety of architect designed homes by Joe Wiegerinck – registered architect. Unlike a traditional architectural service, the home designs here are ready to go. Project home builders have plans ready to go (although they are not the quality of design you would normally expect from an architect). This is why most people compromise and choose to go with a project home, because they can see what they will be getting before paying any money. Elements of Design has bridged the gap, providing quality residential architecture at a very affordable price, with the customer able to see what their new home can look like up front. The designs can be customised as much as you like to suit your own tastes. A full set of working drawings can be purchased for only $1,200 to $1,800 + gst (prices shown on individual designs). We have taken the unknowns, the waiting, the guesswork and the high prices out of quality architectural home design.

What do you get for $1,200 to $1,800 + gst?
It is very easy to get the process started. You can make enquiries on the contact page of the website or phone 1300 855 746. We will help you settle on a design as a starting point for your new home and then send you payment instructions. Once you have made your selection and paid the money, we will email you the full set of PDF drawings containing the floor plan, roof plan, subfloor, elevations, sections, window & door schedules and the beginning of a site plan. Once we have finished customising your design and setting it up on the site plan, we will send through all of the completed PDF drawings, DWG files for the engineers and some updated high resolution 3d images so you can see exactly what your house will look like. As a bonus we can also send through a virtual model of your design so you can walk around it on your own computer, just like in a computer game (you might have to get your kids to help you drive this).

What extra costs will there likely be?
There are a few items related to your specific design which can’t be drawn upfront, these relate to your site and the local government authority requirements in your area. With each job there may be the following extras which aren’t part of the original fee:
• Placement of home design on site plan
• Changing the home design with any specific site requirements
• Changing the design to suit your individual preferences
• Interior design & colour selections
• Kitchen and bathroom joinery details
We can provide any of the above if necessary at an hourly rate of $90+GST or you can use the CAD files for your local drafts-person to make the changes if you prefer. Minor changes to suit your own style & site and the completion of the necessary site plans is usually in the vicinity of 5-6 hrs of work, although it may vary if you are in a more onerous council area or difficult site conditions.
• Engineering – structural, civil, hydraulic, geotechnical
• Landscaping design
• Specification (we can provide one if required for $180 plus GST)
• Contour survey (if required, we can provide instructions to your surveyor)
• Council & or private certifier charges
• Construction detailing (the designs are simple enough for a good builder to work out the details as they go in most cases)
• Cost estimates
• Basix, Green Star Rating or other energy assessments required in a few states.

What about a dual occupancy or multiple dwelling development?
The upfront fee of $1,200 to $1,800 + GST is for one off use of the plan. For each additional use of the same design there will be an extra fee payable upfront, however this fee reduces every time the plan is repeated at the following scale:
• 2nd dwelling – discount 20%
• 3rd dwelling – discount 35%
• 4th dwelling – discount 50%
• 5th and subsequent dwellings free.
On more complex developments we can negotiate a fee.

What benefits can I expect as a potential home owner using an Elements Home Design?
• You can expect a quality architect designed home at a fraction of the price of a normal architectural project.
• There are no long waiting periods. The work is completed up front, with a few exceptions as explained above. No more waiting months and months for a mystery package which you may end up not liking.
• No unknowns. The designs on the website include basic plans and 3d images so you can see what you will get or what will form the basis for your customised design.
• Read the testimonials from satisfied customers. This could be you.

What are the benefits to me as a building company?
You can use our quality presentation material to help your business secure a customer.
You can use our basic plan and images as displayed on this website free of charge to formulate a cost estimate to be used in your advertising to attract customers to yourself. Thereafter you or your customer can purchase the working drawings and CAD files to adapt to a particular site.
Alternatively you can purchase one or more designs up front to be able to offer your customers a fixed price contract (subject to site variables and changes of course).  Please email to enquire about a package deal for your region to give you exclusive rights.
Your building company will stand out from your competitors by offering quality architect designed homes that your customers can see upfront, different to the standard brick and tile homes offered by most project builders.

What are the benefits to me as a Real Estate Agent?
You can use our presentation material free of charge to help sell vacant land by selecting a design which may appeal to your potential customers. All we ask is that you display our business name, logo and contact details with the images so that your customers will consider selecting one of our designs when it comes time to build.
As you would be aware, a potential customer is more likely to purchase a block of land if they can visualize their dream home.
We can provide you free of charge with a full set of 3d images and basic plans as displayed on this website for you to display either with land for sale or to scroll through on one of your display screens to capture a passing customers attention.

How to purchase a design
Once you have browsed through the available designs and selected a suitable home design, contact us via email or the phone numbers and we can get the ball rolling. Once the money has been deposited and cleared in our account we will forward the files to you as described above.
What is to stop somebody from stealing the design?
Firstly, ethics.
Secondly, it is not economically worth the trouble. By setting the price of our plans low enough we believe it would not be feasible for somebody to copy our design and have another person provide working drawings to the same standard. It is not worth copying our designs, simply purchase the design and sleep well at night knowing you have not violated any copyright laws.

Can anybody else build the design that I buy?
When you purchase the set of plans, you buy the right to use that design for your own purposes once off as an individual and once off if you are a building company. The design is not to be on-sold to any other parties.
Elements Home Design Portfolio retains the copyright of each design and is able to sell each design as many as 50 times.
What if I don’t want my chosen design to be built by anybody else?
You can purchase the exclusive rights to a design for $6,000 including GST and the design will then be immediately taken off the site and off the market. You will then retain the copyright to the design and can build it as many times as you like. (we cannot guarantee that your chosen design has not been purchased prior to you buying the exclusive rights however we will be transparent about how many times and in what locality the design has been sold).

Are these homes designed by a qualified Architect?
Yes, all of these houses are designed by Joe Wiegerinck – NSW Architects Registration Board number 7387. All relevant professional indemnity and public liability insurances are current.

How can you design a house without a site?
The houses are designed for generic sites and are adaptable to suit your specific site conditions including northern orientation for passive solar access, noise sources, privacy issues with neighbours, slope, existing trees etc. Not all designs suit all sites, we can work with you in an advisory capacity to help choose the right basic design which can be used as is or modified to suit your needs.

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