Kanangra Wall - 3 Bed Home Design

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Full set of plans for $1,980 (incl. GST).

If you want your new house to be far from a brick and tile project home, you are looking in the right place.

The Kanangra Wall House is an interesting modern home design, capturing the feeling of contemporary residences from around the world.  It incorporates sloping walls, expressed framing and modern materials.

The floor plan is based around a central spine, made from formed concrete featuring grain from the moulding planks.  The open plan living areas are on one side of the spine while the garage and bedrooms are at opposite ends on the other side of the spine.  This strategy creates private zones between the spaces and interesting nooks for landscaping.

The materials used in the design are corrugated metal roofing which in parts continues down the sloping walls to the ground.  The infill walls use exposed framing with rendered flat sheet above and below.  The windows are powdercoated aluminium and the external doors are stained timber slats to provide a bit of character to the otherwise modern design.

The concrete spine wall and floor slab would provide excellent thermal mass to regulate the temperature throughout the year, creating a very comfortable house in winter or summer.

If you’re interested in the “Kanangra Wall” design, a full set of construction plans, images, virtual model and DWG files can be purchased for only $1,980 (incl. GST). Click here to make an enquiry

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