Tweed - 2 Storey 3 Bed Home Design

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Full set of plans for $1,980 (incl. GST).

The “Tweed” is a 1.5 storey split level 3 bedroom family home suitable for a block sloping up from the street.  The materials selected are natural in colour and texture to fit in with elements of the Australian landscape, with stonework, greens & lights browns.

The entry sits half way up in a central expressed shaft.  The styling is a mix of easy going Australian country house and contemporary.  With this home you would be the envy of your neighbours, with a good mix of comfort and style.

There is a slight offset angle between the wings created by the central shaft which contains the entry and the wet areas.  This adds a bit of subtle playfulness to the design.

The roof features some slightly raised sections with the potential for ventilating the ceiling space and also some cantilevered battens on top of the roof to provide a thin edge and the clean lines to the underside.

The living areas feature raked ceilings with grooved boards on the ceiling for a bit of texture.  There are also some feature walls internally to reflect what is happening on the outside cladding.

The combined living / dining / kitchen has a cosy feel yet also an openness to the deck and garden beyond.

The double garage is underneath along with the laundry.  There is plenty of storage space in the laundry and foyer.

The plan is relatively compact yet also spacious due to a clever layout with minimal wasted space.  Most of the rooms feature cross ventilation.

The structure is simple – slab for the garage, block walls clad in stone veneer, duragal framing for the sub floor, timber framed floor above, stud walls and timber framed roof.

The services are all centralized in the core to minimize plumbing costs and long runs of hot water.  Floor area is 149.7 sq m, decks 27.6 sq m and garage 39.5 sq m.  this is very compact for a 3 bedroom home with spacious living areas.

If you’re interested in the “Tweed” design, a full set of construction plans, images, virtual model and DWG files can be purchased for only

$1,980 (incl. GST). Click here to make an enquiry

Alternative styles:

Here is the Tweed shown with different rooflines and materials for a more modern contemporary home design look.

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