Cradle Mountain - 3 Bed Home Design

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Full set of plans for $1,980 (incl. GST).

The “Cradle Mountain” is a 2 storey family home design based around achieving a connection to the deck from all living areas.  The deck is recessed into the living areas in a curved shape so that it becomes part of the living spaces, providing that desired indoor / outdoor connection.

The styling is modern / contemporary with a clean palette of materials and timber features. There is a modern edge to the house with the wrap around bulkheads with expressed joints surrounding timber battens and timber weatherboards.  Of course these materials can be simplified if desired for lower maintenance and lower cost.

The ground floor includes all living areas and the master bedroom suite with ensuite and walk in robe, suitable for an older couple or a family looking towards the future, the convenience of the parents not having to traipse upstairs all of the time.  There is also a double garage with internal connection and a laundry with direct access to the back yard. A couple of subtle angle changes add interest and help create a sweeping feeling to the living spaces.

The upper floor includes 2 bedrooms and a spacious bathroom as well as a decent sized storage room for all that “stuff” families accumulate.

The cross section shows the relationship from inside living spaces to deck to garden.  The raised roof over the deck also allows plenty of light to flow inside, particularly with the low level winter sun from the ideal north facing windows.  The upper level bedrooms are restricted to the rear of the house to avoid large spans over the open plan living areas.  This also results in the kids bedrooms having lots of northern sun, ideal for comfortable play time during winter.

The interior design is modern and funky, including a sleek kitchen design and feature walls at each end of the living spaces to provide balance throughout.  There is ample allowance for cross ventilation.

The front of the house would be a striking statement in any neighbourhood or setting, giving a sense of style and elegance to make your neighbours jealous yet not too over the top that you feel on show the whole time.  A good balance between style and subtlety.

The floor area is 164.8 sq m + 23.6 sq m deck + 38.7 sq m garage.

If you’re interested in the “Cradle Mountain” design, a full set of construction plans, images, virtual model and DWG files can be purchased for only

$1,980 (incl. GST). Click here to make an enquiry

Alternative styles:

Here is the Cradle Mountain shown with different rooflines and materials.

The Cradle Mountain design was adapted for a client at Otford in NSW.  Here are some images of the design adaptation.

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