Snapper – Modern 3 or 4 Bed Home Design

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Full set of plans for $1,980 (incl. GST).

The “Snapper” home design takes it’s inspiration from shipping containers and rustic Australian beach-side architecture, particularly in the selection of materials and expression of design elements.  The 2 side boxes are clad in real timber weather boards with expressed vertical battens to give the appearance of an exo-skeleton.  The walls continue up as parapets to conceal the roof, requiring cantilevered awnings over the windows.

The real hero of the design is the breakup of 3 elements – kids bedrooms and bathroom on one side, living areas in the middle and parents retreat / laundry on the other side.  A floor plan doesn’t get much more efficient or functional than this with virtually no space given over the circulation or foyers etc.

The styling is not to everyone’s taste, however the layout and functional concept can easily be adapted to more conventional / contemporary / modern / casual styles.

The ideal North side of the living areas open right up to the large deck, bringing the indoors and outdoors together.  The middle section of the house sits lower to help express the container like side wings.

The living areas are entirely open plan, allowing flexibility in furnishing and free flowing of all spaces.

There is plenty of opportunity for personal expression with furnishings and decoration, the clean interior provides a great canvas for your style.

The construction of the house is economical and simple with steel posts, timber or steel bearers and joists, timber framed walls and truss roofs.  There is a double carport under the house which could easily be enclosed if a garage is desired.

Floor area is a very economical 136 sq m, decks are 23.4 sq m and carport 46.5 sq m.

The house is compact yet very suitable to family life with no shortage of space and privacy.  The central section can easily be stretched by about 3m to add a 4th bedroom and study nook.

If you’re interested in the “Snapper” design, a full set of construction plans, images, virtual model and DWG files can be purchased for only $1,980 (incl. GST). Click here to make an enquiry

Alternative styles:

Here is the Snapper shown with different rooflines, materials and with the 4th bedroom option.

The Snapper design was adapted for a client at Braidwood in NSW.  Here are some images of the design adaptation.

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