Container – 1 bed concept design

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Full set of plans for $1,320 (incl. GST).

This is a concept design for a 1 bedroom shack comprising 2 x 20 foot high bay shipping containers as the shell, clad inside and out to make it into a comfortable living space.

The design is not intended to be used as a house but more as a holiday cabin, first home for a single person, accommodation on a farm, at a mine site, as a teenagers accommodation in the backyard (or for those pesky children who have returned home to live with the parents because the price of living is too much to get ahead).

The design is very contemporary and stylish, taking what could be 2 very unsightly shipping containers and turning them into something much more appealing.

The outside is clad in corrugated metal and fibre cement sheeting with a cavity built in to give an insulation gap.  In this case there are 2 distinct styles for the separate boxes, just to break things up a little and add interest.  The windows are all well shaded with overhangs, awnings or sliding shutters.  It could be easily transported to site either complete or ready to clad on site.  It would ideally be built up on stilts to provide air flow under.

The roof space is used as a roof top garden to provide extra insulation and the other side has a high pitch for air space and ventilation and also a place for the solar panels and solar hot water.  Roof water from the pitched roof would be collected in a water tank for use in the bathroom and kitchen.  This shack could be quite self sufficient making it ideal for remote locations.

Due to the clever layout the inside has a spacious and open feel.  The inside walls and ceiling would be clad with plasterboard glued directly to the container.

The dining table sits directly in front of a sliding glass door inserted into the existing open end of the container.  This gives a great connection from inside to outside.  The bed is in a nook in one end of the container.

The bed and platform it sits on retract into the ceiling void using winches and cables to reveal a built in lounge space.  There is lighting fixed under the platform to light the lounge space.  Plenty of storage under the cushions.

The layout boasts a reasonable sized kitchen, dining area, sitting area, queen sized bed with lounge under, 2 built in robes, ensuite and a covered deck.

The floor area is a very economical 30.1 sq m and the deck is 9.8 sq m.  It is compact yet with a spacious and open feel, ideal for many situations and uses.

As mentioned above, this particular design is intended more as a concept only, it is very difficult to provide finalised working drawings for such a design given that the fitout would be completed by either a specialist carpenter or by a keen owner builder, most likely working out the details as they go.  If however you’re interested in the “Container 1 bed” design, a full set of plans, images and DWG files can be purchased for only $1,320 (incl. GST). Click here to make an  enquiry  

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